Paper Bag Advantage

More than using them for making a style statement, Paper bags & packaging have become the need of the hour for environmental reasons. Global warming, air and water pollution are just a few of the impacts of plastic bag production & usage. Plastics are not bio-degradable & are not only choking our environment & but also irreparably damaging the sea & marine life. Reusable paper bags are the best alternative to save our ailing environment.

Many people still believe that paper-making is responsible for the destruction of the rain forests. This is simply not true. Rainforest wood is unsuitable for paper manufacture, even if the industry was inclined to use it as a raw material. The wood used in paper-making is grown as a “crop” in fully managed and sustainable forests. Whereas Wheat and Rice would be harvested annually, the trees for paper are harvested around every Eighteen to Twenty years. In the interim new saplings are planted at the rate of 3 trees for 1 harvested trees. New saplings consume more carbon dioxide than mature trees thus contributing to environmental welfare. Sustainable forestry is both a commercial necessity for the industry, as well as an environmentally friendly operation.

The distinct advantages of Paper over Plastic /Jute Bags are:

The regulatory environment globally is in favour of paper products. Most countries have either banned plastic bags or have levied a heavy tax on them thus making them unpopular

Paper is increasingly recognized by consumers & governments as not only natural but a renewable & recyclable resource from which to manufacture high performance packaging.

The paper bag displays resilience as a form of packaging, quickly adapting to constantly changing needs & fashions. They are re-usable

An attractive paper carrier bag offers excellent publicity for retail shops – a walking advertisement in the High Street.

As for Jute bags, they can be longer lasting, but are more expensive than even paper bags and are definitely not considered fashionable or trendy enough to be a part of the niche market.

Advantages at Nature Design Concepts

Re-usability –

Our bags and packaging are made of re-cycled paper and are sturdy enough to be re-used over and over again

Design Services

We provide free graphic design solutions as well as create innovative packaging ideas as per customer specifications without adding too much to the basic cost

Incorporating new technology

We welcome new technologies in materials and printing, as we like to incorporate these to make our products better and technically superior. Our printing is done on latest printing machines. We use ‘Thermal Lamination film’ for laminate the bags, if the customer so desires. Foil printing, UV spot lamination, embossing & de-bossing are some of the other techniques we use to stay ahead of our competitors.

Low MOQ for customised packaging

Quick turn around time.

Handcrafted bags & packaging

Varying paper thickness – 120-250 gsm for paper bags

Customised sizes & shapes for paper bags

Non-corrosive Brass Eyelets

Re-enforced top & bottom for better sturdiness